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An explanation of everything related to Free Fire game

An explanation of everything related to Free Fire game

Today we are talking about a new Battle Royal game, which is a free fire game that works on Android phones and phones running the IOS system, which is the competitor for the game PUBG, which gained wide popularity and a very large number of players in the recent period, and the game Free Fire is the best alternative to the game PUBG for several reasons One of them is that Freefire is much smaller than that in space and it has excellent graphics and the second is that the number of players is less than PUBG but do you know what the word battle royal means?

What are Battle Royal games?
Battle Royale games is a term given to games that have common characteristics such as survival, adventure and war simulation, so that you begin to search for weapons and all the resources that you need to survive and kill others so that you remain the only winner and there is a specific area to keep with and upon exit About them you start to die by your lack of power and in the game you play with other real players and not a computer, and most of these characteristics are common to most of the Royal Royal games, including CrossFire, PUBG, Fortfortnite, FreeFire and many other games so all of these games should be the last Alive to win.

Explain the characteristics of the Free Fire game
Explanation of the Free Fire game. In the beginning, you download the OBB file for the Free Fire game and it is usually a size of 360 MB, no more, then you start registering the game with your email address, and it is either Email Face or any other way that you can choose as you like.

Then when entering the game you will find the screen in front of you as in the picture at the bottom, and there are two options in the game, the first is how to play the game and either Solo means alone to keep only one at the end of the game and be alive to be able to win or Duo and means you and a friend or SQUAD which means 4 Players, you are one of them, and then you choose if you want to play Classic, which means that you play without any deficiency in the stars or your level. As for the ranked play, which means an increase in your level when you gain and decrease when you lose, then you start after pressing Start to start the game, it is similar to Great PUBG game by characteristics.

Free Fire game settings
In Freefire there are certain settings that can be adjusted as you would like to play, some like to play with different settings from the system that brought the game and others do not prefer that.

But there are settings that must be changed in order to make it easier for you to play, which is the Left Fire Button. To make it easier for you to play

In-game purchases

In the game there are many characters that can be purchased with jewels that can be collected but take a long time, and it is easier to buy them with your visa

There are also many personalities that can be purchased with gold, which you collect when winning in the game, and all you have to do is click on the character in the pictures and show you the amount of their purchase, either as a neighborhood only! Or be a jewels and a jeweler's price in gold.

There is no difference between the players in the game, all you can buy is only your appearance.! There is no more than your strength or your weapons, you go down in the game without any clothes unless you have bought clothes for yourself, and without any weapons and this is common for all players.

Then you search for weapons, clothes and bullets as you would like in homes, so do not worry about buying in the game as there is nothing to buy but only a stylish appearance.