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How to play chess in the easiest way 2020

How to play chess in the easiest way 2020

Chess game chess game is a game of Indian origin, and it has been famous since the category of 
years, and it is a game that has certain strategies to defeat the other opponent, and chess has always been the favorite game of the most important kings, leaders and leaders throughout the ancient history, and this game has enjoyed a very high status with them and the test required Of special skills such as patience, progress, and organized planning, and of course with the passage of years the game of chess has evolved until it reached its current form in our time, and chess has become one of the world-famous games, especially in a world championship that includes almost all countries of the world, and we will highlight in this article on The most important basic rules of chess, and we will also explain to you the main tasks of each chess stone.]

Chess game components Chess game consists of a square board (patch) divided into 64 squares, half of which are white and the other half is black, and each player has 16 pieces are the king (the Shah), the minister, two horses, two elephants, two castles plus 8 pawns ( Soldiers), the pieces are all placed on the chessboard but you must pay attention to a very important point; If the player chooses the white color then the king must be on the black square and vice versa, and of course each piece has its own movement that distinguishes it from others, and the movement of the pieces is as follows: [3] [4] King: The king is the most important stone in chess, except He is the weakest stone and with his death the game ends, and the king moves in all directions but only one square, provided that the square is not under the threat of the opponent or is occupied by another stone. The Minister: The Minister moves in all vertical, horizontal or diagonal directions in a straight way, and he is the strongest stone in the whole game, but he cannot jump over any stone. Horse: The movement of a horse is three squares that resemble the letter L in the English language, and it is the only piece of chess that has the freedom to jump over other pieces. Elephant: The elephant moves diagonally in all directions, and cannot jump over any stone. Castle: The castle moves in a straight line vertically or horizontally, if the squares are not occupied by other squares. Pawn (Soldiers): The first movement of each soldier is two boxes forward, after which his movement becomes only one square, provided that the square is not occupied by another piece, and if the player succeeds in delivering the soldier to the last row on the opponent's side, then he can upgrade him to a piece Other than his choice, the soldier cannot attack the pieces in front of him, but rather attacks him diagonally.

To win chess, the player must, in order to achieve victory, place the opponent's king under the threat of captivity (checkmate), and thus the opponent is a loser if he cannot defend him or remove him, and this is of course not easy at all, as it requires the player to develop plans or strategies to excel On his opponent and the families of the opponent's pieces, which facilitates his mission to win, and in many cases the game of chess ends in a draw for the players, and this happens when one of them becomes unable to move his pieces because all possible moves will put the king under threat, and a tie occurs when the two players agree that one of them is unable To win.

The most important information about the game of chess The game of chess is one of the most famous games in the world, which is a game of intelligence in the first place, and here comes the most important information about the game of chess: [5] The origin of chess dates back to thousands of years, it may date back to a thousand and 500 years ago. Chess first began in the north of the Indian country, and then became popular across all parts of Asia. Chess game spread in the great Islamic empires of the Arabs after its spread in the continent of Asia, and spread in the continent of Europe through the Islamic and Arab empires. In the year 1886 AD, the first world chess championships were held. The first world chess champion was Wilhelm Steinitz, in the world chess tournament in the year 1886 AD. Chess reached the apogee of its revolution in the year 1900 AD, and it founded international data and movements for it. Some legends have reported that this global game dates back to 200 BC, and was invented by a Chinese leader called Chen Shen. There are other legends that say chess is an Indian game, invented by an Indian sage and presented as a gift to the Indian ruler who was a tyrant. Chess was once called the elephant game, but after many years it developed and became named after the game of chess with great differences in the basics of the game and its official rules.